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Subject: RE: [PATCH v3 0/2] worktree: Support `--orphan` when creating new worktrees
Date: Thu, 8 Dec 2022 17:00:53 -0500	[thread overview]
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On December 8, 2022 4:41 PM, Jacob Abel wrote:
>Subject: Re: [PATCH v3 0/2] worktree: Support `--orphan` when creating new
>Apologies for the delay on the v4 patch. Some unexpected personal stuff has kept
>me away from working on this. I expect v4 to be out in the next few days.
>Additionally, I've been doing some reading after writing this reply [1]. I've realised
>I had a misunderstanding about how HEAD is managed. I don't think it changes the
>conclusion of the reply (which is that rolling `--orphan` into DWYM could lead to
>confusing behavior for users) however I think some additional changes might be
>* Add some additional text output to `worktree add` when we DWYM to make it
>  clearer what action we end up making. Could possibly be hidden under a
>  "verbose" flag.
>* Annotate what HEAD we are looking at (worktree HEAD vs git repo HEAD) in
>  conditions where this could matter.
>* Expanding HEAD when it's an invalid ref (instead of just `invalid ref: HEAD`).
>* Add a hint when using `worktree add`, with a bare git repo, HEAD points to an
>  invalid ref, not in a worktree, and other branches exist in the repo. The hint
>  would suggest using `git branch -m <branch>` to change the HEAD to an existing
>  branch.
>* Add a hint when there are no local branches and the user is trying to create a
>  worktree off a local branch which has a remote counterpart.
>I don't necessarily think any of these changes should hold up this patchset but I
>think they could be worthwhile changes for the future.
>And in the meantime, below are the anticipated changes for the next revision. Let
>me know if it looks like I've forgotten anything.
>Anticipated changes from v3:
>  * Fix mistake in SYNOPSIS and `--help`. Patch for this change can be found
>    in [2], by courtesy of Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason.
>  * Collapsed sequential if statements into if-else chain & simplified
>    conditions as requested in [2].
>  * Simplified tests for mutually exclusive options and removed duplicate
>    `-B/--detach` test case. Patch for this change can be found in [3],
>    by courtesy of Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason.
>  * Remove references to `git-switch`. Behavior is now explained fully in docs
>    instead. Changes to the docs suggested in [4], by courtesy of Eric Sunshine.
>  * Updated test case to use `test_path_is_missing` instead of `! test -d` [5].
>  * Updated signature for `make_worktree_orphan()` and changed
>    `const char *orphan_branch` in `struct add_opts` to `int orphan` (boolean)
>    to simplify the patch and maintain consistency with other flags [6].
>  * Added `advise()` to common cases where `--orphan` is desired [7] to address
>    concerns brought up in [8][9]. Slight change from `HEAD` to `branch` as
>    `HEAD` causes existing behavior to break.
>  * Added tests to verify `--lock` and `--reason` work properly with
>    the newly added `--orphan` flag.
>  * Added tests to verify that the orphan advise [7] is emitted only at the
>    proper times.
>  * Added the new advice to the docs, advice.c/h, and switched to use
>    `advise_if_enabled()` as requested in [10].
>  * Added tests to verify the changes [7] do not interfere with existing
>    behavior. ex: creating a worktree from a remote branch when HEAD is
>    an orphan.

I am not sure this is entirely related, but there is a gap in worktree configuration, specifically includeIf that I was working on, but suspended waiting for worktree code to stabilize. Do you have a sense as to whether this might run into this topic?


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