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2019-06-10optionally support glibc malloc_info via SIGCONT malloc_info
2019-06-10doc: index.pod: fix mismatched =back
2019-06-10doc: generate manpage and HTML from -convert POD
2019-06-10doc: clean-doc target removes *.8 manpages
2019-06-05scripts: add README to describe its purpose
2019-06-05scripts: require ASCII digits in a few places
2019-06-05tighten up digit matches to ASCII for git output
2019-06-04t: avoid "subtest" for Perl 5.10.1 compatibility
2019-06-04Merge branch 'charclass'
2019-06-04MANIFEST: add examples/nginx_proxy
2019-06-04examples: add sample nginx configuration
2019-06-04www: require ASCII word characters for CSS filenames
2019-06-04www: require ASCII range for mbox downloads
2019-06-04githttpbackend: require ASCII in path
2019-06-04require ASCII digits for local FS items
2019-06-04www: require ASCII digit for git epoch
2019-06-04solver|viewdiff: restrict digit matches to ASCII
2019-06-04inbox: require ASCII digits for feedmax var
2019-06-04filter/rubylang: require ASCII digit for mailcount
2019-06-04msgtime: require ASCII digits for parsing dates
2019-06-04searchview: do not allow non-ASCII offsets and limits
2019-06-04githttpbackend: require Range:, Status: to be ASCII digits
2019-06-04view: require YYYYmmDD(HHMMSS) timestamps to be ASCII
2019-06-04newswww: only accept ASCII digits as article numbers
2019-06-04config: do not accept non-ASCII digits in cgitrc params
2019-06-04www: require ASCII filenames in git blob downloads
2019-06-04www: only emit ASCII chars in attachment filenames
2019-06-04wwwattach: only pass the charset through if ASCII
2019-06-04wwwlisting: require ASCII digit for port number
2019-06-04http: require SERVER_PORT to be ASCII digit
2019-06-04feed: only accept ASCII digits for ref~$N
2019-06-04mid: id_compress requires ASCII-clean words
2019-06-04nntp: ensure we only handle ASCII whitespace
2019-06-04nntp: be explicit about ASCII digit matches
2019-06-04linkify: support Internationalized Domain Names in URLs
2019-06-03Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/git-cleanup'
2019-06-03Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/ds'
2019-06-03ds: remove PLCMap and per-socket PostLoopCallback
2019-06-03t/psgi_search.t: require DBD::SQLite
2019-06-02ds: drop write_set_watch field
2019-06-02ds: drop unused EVENT: label in epoll code path
2019-06-02ds: drop checks for invalid descriptors
2019-06-02ds: drop set_writer_func support
2019-06-02ds: add a note about planned future changes
2019-06-02ds: drop more unused subs
2019-06-01ds: fix and test for FD leaks with kqueue on ->Reset
2019-06-01doc/v2: note that Xapian is now optional in v2
2019-06-01ds: set close-on-exec flag on epoll descriptors
2019-06-01git: drop the deleted err_c file
2019-06-01git: unconditional expiry