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2023-02-03lei_mirror: use --no-write-fetch-head on git 2.29+ HEAD master
2023-01-31www: diff: fix encoding problems when showing diff
2023-01-31lei: drop -watches and -lei_note_event from workers
2023-01-31tests: make require_git and require_cmd easier-to-use
2023-01-30tests: make slow tests easier-to-find
2023-01-30ipc: drop awaitpid_init to avoid circular refs
2023-01-30xt/lei-auth-fail: use valid label name
2023-01-30lei_input: give a hint for upper-case in labels
2023-01-30content_digest_dbg: convert to arrayref and limit to lei
2023-01-30use Net::SSLeay (OpenSSL) for SHA-(1|256) if installed
2023-01-30spawn_pp: use `which()' properly for pure-Perl spawn
2023-01-28www_coderepo: summary: fix mis-linkification of `...'
2023-01-28www_coderepo: support $REPO/refs/{heads,tags}/ endpoints
2023-01-28repo_atom: translate: account for multiple args
2023-01-28www_coderepo: reduce utf8::decode calls
2023-01-28www_coderepo: fix snapshot link generation
2023-01-28www_coderepo: support /$REPO/tags.atom endpoint
2023-01-28www_coderepo: tree: quiet and 404 on non-existent refs
2023-01-27git: drop needless checks for old git
2023-01-27git: use --batch-command in git 2.36+ to save processes
2023-01-26git: reduce delete ops in _destroy
2023-01-26git: drop needless ENOENT import
2023-01-26process_pipe: warn hackers off using it for bidirectional pipes
2023-01-26git: use core.abbrev=no on git 2.31+
2023-01-24viewvcs: improve tree glossary view
2023-01-24www_coderepo: remove some needless return statements
2023-01-24solver_git: remove extraneous leading `-'
2023-01-24viewvcs: show message for 404||500 errors
2023-01-24viewvcs: expand on path names being "non-authoritative"
2023-01-24http: reuse STDIN if it's already /dev/null
2023-01-24www_coderepo: eliminate debug log footer
2023-01-24www_coderepo: show /$INBOX/?t=$DATE link for commits
2023-01-24viewvcs: prepopulate search bar with dfpost + dfn
2023-01-24viewvcs: add path name hint based on `b=' query param
2023-01-24qspawn: drop lineno from command failure warning
2023-01-21ds: awaitpid: do not clobber entries for reaped processes
2023-01-19qspawn: drop unnecessary awaitpid import
2023-01-19ds: improve error handling of synchronous awaitpid
2023-01-19qspawn: psgi_qx: do not call async_pass on errors
2023-01-19qspawn: {quiet} only affects normal command exit
2023-01-18ds: drop dwaitpid, switch to waitpid(-1)
2023-01-18ipc+lei: switch to awaitpid
2023-01-18ipc: drop unused $args from ->ipc_worker_stop
2023-01-18watch: IMAP and NNTP polling can use the same interval
2023-01-18eofpipe: drop {arg} support for now
2023-01-18watch: simplify internal data structures
2023-01-18watch: switch to awaitpid
2023-01-18git|gcf2: switch to awaitpid
2023-01-18qspawn: use ->DESTROY to force ->finalize
2023-01-18ds: introduce awaitpid, switch ProcessPipe users