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an "archives first" approach to mailing lists
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 	621	README
 	1626	README.unsubscribe
 	1173	apache2_cgi.conf
 	744	apache2_perl.conf
 	1304	apache2_perl_old.conf
 	836	cgi-webrick.rb
 	1049	cgit-commit-filter.lua
 	701	logrotate.conf
 	445	public-inbox-config
 	207	public-inbox-httpd.socket
 	1014	public-inbox-httpd@.service
 	208	public-inbox-nntpd.socket
 	1014	public-inbox-nntpd@.service
 	1878	public-inbox.psgi
 	1644	repobrowse.psgi
 	252	unsubscribe-milter.socket
 	814	unsubscribe-milter@.service
 	270	unsubscribe-psgi.socket
 	634	unsubscribe-psgi@.service
 	3403	unsubscribe.milter
 	2320	unsubscribe.psgi
 	1884	varnish-4.vcl
Tree objects belong to commits or other tree objects.  Trees may
reference blobs, sub-trees, or (rarely) commits of submodules.

Path names are stored in tree objects, but trees do not know
their own path name.  A tree's path name comes from their parent tree,
or it is the root tree referenced by a commit object.  Thus, this web UI
relies on the `b=' URI parameter as a hint to display the path name.
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