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class Mwrap::HeapPageBody

Information about "struct heap_page_body" allocations from Ruby gc.c. This can be useful for tracking fragmentation from posix_memalign(3) use in mainline Ruby:

These statistics are never reset by Mwrap.reset or any other method. They only make sense in the context of an entire program lifetime.

Public Class Methods

Mwrap::HeapPageBody.each { |gen, addr| } -> Integer source

Yields the generation (GC.count) the heap page body was created and address of the heap page body as an Integer. Returns the number of allocated pages as an Integer. This return value should match the result of GC.stat(:heap_allocated_pages)

Mwrap::HeapPageBody.stat -> Hash
Mwrap::HeapPageBody.stat(hash) -> hash source

The maximum lifespan of a heap page body in the Ruby VM. This may be Infinity if no heap page bodies were ever freed.

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