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tag namev0.20.0 (dbc81a4d2eb85b971061909b1f5e7db564c7302d)
tag date2022-02-03 05:10:46 +0000
tagged byEric Wong <e@80x24.org>
tagged objectcommit 1c30b6b7f8...
dtas 0.20.0 - ruby 3.1+ compatibility, splitfx improvements
This release catches up with Psych (YAML) changes in Ruby 3.1+
Ruby 2.3+ is now the minimum version, though keep in mind the
ruby-core team already dropped support for it long ago.

Most of the features are focused on audio engineering
capabilities of dtas-splitfx.  dtas-splitfx gains the --filter
switch, along with per-track environment variables and comments.
These new features have made my workflow significantly better.

dtas-archive supports explicit comments, and omits the default
SoX comment.  To better cope with temporary and modified files
during editing, dtas-player metadata now checks ctime before
reusing the cache, handy for frequently-modified files.
"dtas-tl prune" is now supported to cull temporary files from
the player tracklist.

There's a few dtas-console improvements, too.

28 changes since v0.19.0 (2021-09-05):

      archive: support comments, default to none
      splitfx: use Etc.nprocessors for jobs if unspecified
      dtas-console: set X11 terminal title iff DISPLAY is set
      dtas-console: add 'i' toggle to show comments (metadata)
      splitfx: fix track_zpad with integer arg
      doc: drop ordered map from examples
      player: reduce syscalls when splicing to single target
      dtas-console: support Wayland terminal titles, too
      console: workaround safe warnings in outdated `curses' gem
      require Ruby 2.3+
      get rid of DTAS.dedupe_str wrapper
      move dtas-graph into script/, support Perl for dtas.sh
      use YAML.unsafe_load in Psych 4.x (Ruby 3.1+)
      deduplicate and freeze pathnames + metadata
      player: remove omap conversion
      dtas: drop unnecessary "require 'yaml'" statements
      dtas-tl prune: cull missing files from tracklist
      dtas-tl: drop encoding hacks, use binary stdout+stderr
      use IO#wait_readable consistently
      get rid of DTAS::Nonblock wrapper for Ruby <= 2.0
      unix_accepted: drop Ruby < 2.3 support code
      do not check IO#closed? before calling IO#close
      splitfx: support per-track environment variables
      splitfx: add --filter option to limit match to comments
      player: expire sox metadata cache on file st_ctime changes
      readahead: do not call -@ on non-String
      splitfx: disallow combining --trim and --filter
      splitfx: document changes ahead of 0.20.0 release