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2013-10-17fadefx: initial commit
This allows parsing and will eventually interact with trimfx.
2013-10-17trimfx: flesh out parsing of commands
Only lightly tested, but this should give us some idea of where we'll be going...
2013-10-15trimfx: flesh out to_sox_arg implementation
This will be dependent upon sox for the trim effect, at least. Other bits will be exposed as needed.
2013-10-13trimfx: initial bits
This will allow editing individual portions of audio of a larger file while creating cross fade effects to join them.
2013-10-06buffer: remove ioctl syscall in common paths
We do not need this for single sink situations (the common case) at all. We also do not need to check IO#nread for splice, either; we can just do non-blocking I/O. The only common path where we might still need it is the non-splice case with multiple sinks.
2013-09-30player: support seeking based on embedded cuesheet (FLAC)
This adds the ability to seek internally within FLAC file based on the internal CUE sheet. Other formats may be supported in the future, but FLAC is the only one I know of which supports embedded cue sheets. Note: flac 1.3.0 is recommended for users of non-CDDA-compatible formats. See updates to dtas-player_protocol(7) for details.
2013-09-28player: support bypass for rate, bits, channel
This may be used to avoid automatic: * resampling (rate) * down/upmixing (channel) * dither/truncation (bits) Using any bypass mode means we can no longer guarantee gapless playback for audio collections where rate, channel, or bits vary. This can however be useful when CPU usage is too high. This may also be useful in audio engineering situations.
2013-09-22splitfx: rename "opus" target to "opusenc"
sox(1) may gain the ability to natively encode to Opus one day without using opusenc(1), so make it more explicit we are relying on opusenc(1).
2013-09-10splitfx: add opus and flac-cdda outputs
These are common output targets, at least for my workflow.
2013-09-10test_player_integration: avoid premature sink death
Sinks should always continue running until EOF. Otherwise, the sink exiting prematurely could cause the player to stop prematurely. So just let it wait for EOF by running cat(1).
2013-09-09player: "tl goto" takes optional offset arg in HHMMSS.SUBSEC
This should make implementing SetPosition in the MPRIS 2.0 spec possible.
2013-09-09tracklist: next_track -> advance_track
This is a more accurate depiction of what happens, and we'll implement "next" and "previous" commands in the future.
2013-09-09tracklist: fix go_to functionality
We need to preserve the go_to-specified position for next_track, doing otherwise would cause us to always be off-by-one.
2013-09-09tracklist: preliminary tracklist class
This should allow us to eventually implement a MPRIS 2.0-compliant tracklist.
2013-09-08test_splitfx: remove parallelize_me!
Thread-safety is hard with signals flying in from process reaping.
2013-09-08pipe: remove pipe_size call for non-Linux platforms
Having it return nil in a noop function seems wrong. We can't silently discard the value (unlike pipe_size=)
2013-09-08test/helper: rescue on NameError instead of checking defined?
const_defined?(:Test) behaves differently when $DEBUG is true. I'm not sure if this is a bug or not.
2013-09-07splitfx: flesh out functionality + integration test
This seems to be working out nicely. Having a basic integration test should be enough to get us started for now.
2013-09-07implement environment variable expansion
This will allow users to more-easily edit configs and feel like a real shell. We no longer mistakenly expand nil env variables to "" anymore, either.
2013-09-07add dtas-splitfx - .cuesheets + make(1)
This is lacking tests and documentation, but it works from a old trivial sample I had from a recording I previously split using plain POSIX shell splitfx is like make(1) for splitting and minor audio editing. It also allows any number of effects.
2013-09-07test/helper: fix var shadowing
2013-09-06test/helper: delay at_exit registration for tmpfifo
at_exit ordering is funky because minitest/autorun also runs at_exit, so we need to delay registering the at_exit until we call tmpfifo.
2013-09-06test/*: compatibility class for both minitest 4 and 5
This is to avoid annoying deprecation warnings in minitest 5, while still preserving compatibility with minitest 4 (which is distributed in Ruby 2.0.0 and part of the standard library).
2013-09-06test/player_integration: thread-safety fix
Process.waitall prevents test cases from using multiple threads (we're already using multiple processes). We may use parallelize_me! from minitest in the future.
2013-09-06test/*.rb: test/unit compatibility
assert() in test/unit does not automatically stringify the failure message, unlike minitest. I don't have a strong opinion regarding minitest and test/unit, but the deprecation notices in minitest 5 are annoying, so perhaps using Test::Unit via minitest shim is a better way to go.
2013-09-02test/test_player_client_handler: rename shadowed method
2013-09-01player/client_handler: support for dumping individual env
This allows users to display the current env value for introspection
2013-09-01player: add "state dump" command to serialize state
This helps in case dtas-player is hit with SIGKILL or the system crashes. This does not fsync(2) as that could introduce delays on slow filesystems. Users should open the file manually and fsync themselves if they need to.
2013-08-31test_source_av: fix test to actually run
Oops, at least it still works.
2013-08-29remove "encoding: binary" header use
We don't need it since IO#read(bytes, buf) will convert to ASCII-8BIT anyways. Everywhere else, we ensure path names are already binary. We do this mainly at the client layer before using Shellwords to escape the paths. We also must be careful about parsing output from soxi/avprobe which can show us metadata in whatever encoding is in the file. We must still handle data from parsing command output as binary, as the encoding of file metadata tends to vary. This also should buy us Syck compatibility for Ruby 1.9.3 users on Debian systems where Ruby 1.9.3 still uses Syck.
2013-08-28add license/copyright headers/footers to all files
All files we distribute in the tarball need to have a copyright/license specified for Savannah. We don't need the example state file anymore.
2013-08-26add lightly-tested ffmpeg support
Since ffmpeg/ffprobe are wrappers around their libav-variants, I haven't had the chance to actually test with "real" ffmpeg, but the usage is probably similar enough to not matter.
2013-08-26test_source_av: disable if avprobe/avconv are not available
We may not have these available, so bail.
2013-08-26player: sink ed pipe_size= disallows nils
While we're at it, add a test for this functionality, too.
2013-08-26player: flesh out multi-source in protocol/sourceedit
We should be fully-capable of managing any number of options to try sources in.
2013-08-26cleanup multi-source handling between sox and av
This should better prepare us to make "source ed" into "source <av|sox> ed" and set per-source priorities. We also now treat @env consistently for all per-source commands (such as soxi/avprobe) so we can be sure we're using the same installation of sox or libav if using a non-standard PATH, or if we want to set AV_LOG_FORCE_NOCOLOR
2013-08-26process (qx): disambiguate err/err_str, add no_raise
I forgot :err is already handled by Process.spawn, so split out the functionality into err_str where we want to use it. Also, add a :no_raise flag which will allow us to better handle avprobe/soxi calls which can fail and avoid needless exceptions.
2013-08-25process: allow passing env to qx
This should allow us to more easily transfer user-configured environment variables to helper tools (avprobe/soxi).
2013-08-25format: fix switching to floating point samples
Regexps are hard to write sometimes :x Anyways, we should support using floating-point internally for users who prefer it.
2013-08-25source/av: handle multiple audio streams w/ proper sample rate
We need to tell sox to use and resample to the _player_ format instead of the source format. Otherwise 48000 Hz audio (common for video?) sounds very slow when attempting to play back on the default 44100 Hz. It is also likely preferable to choose the audio stream which matches the player channel count instead of letting sox automatically invoke the remix effect. Before this change, playing 6-channel, 48000 Hz source into a sink expecting stereo, 44100 Hz is rather disturbing... While we're at it, clarify the spawn code for the sox source, too. We can drop the test_format_from_file test now, since it's probably overkill at this point.
2013-08-25preliminary support for avconv/avprobe from libav
avconv is capable of outputting to the .sox format, greatly simplifying our life as it enables us to easily apply sox effects on a per-source file basis. dtas-sourceedit and the "source" protocol commands will need to change to support internal priorities (like sink).
2013-08-25format: decouple from soxi
We'll be supporting reading the format from avprobe and ffprobe, so we should avoid tying ourselves to soxi
2013-08-25split out source handling to prepare for avconv/ffmpeg support
We should've done this at the start, but we didn't.
2013-08-25tests: use unix_client in tests to kill some redundant code
This should make porting to different Unix socket types easier, too. Much of these tests were written before I decided to implement unix_client originally.
2013-08-25test_rg_integration: avoid unused variable warning
Oops, I should've noticed this earlier.
2013-08-25set REPLAYGAIN_* vars for source command as documented
We documented this behavior in dtas-player.txt but failed to implement it. Now our behavior matches the documentation!
2013-08-25remove sink_reader_play
It was never fully-realized and too crazy/complex to be worth it. In case we ever need it in the future, git will remember it for us.
2013-08-25player: preserve format across invocations
We maintain most everything else, so we should maintain this, too.
2013-08-24player: cd/pwd handlers for manipulating working directory
Some effects may be easier to save/store with relative directory paths, so allow changing this at runtime.
2013-08-24initial commit