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2013-09-07implement environment variable expansion
This will allow users to more-easily edit configs and feel like a real shell. We no longer mistakenly expand nil env variables to "" anymore, either.
2013-09-06test/*: compatibility class for both minitest 4 and 5
This is to avoid annoying deprecation warnings in minitest 5, while still preserving compatibility with minitest 4 (which is distributed in Ruby 2.0.0 and part of the standard library).
2013-09-06test/*.rb: test/unit compatibility
assert() in test/unit does not automatically stringify the failure message, unlike minitest. I don't have a strong opinion regarding minitest and test/unit, but the deprecation notices in minitest 5 are annoying, so perhaps using Test::Unit via minitest shim is a better way to go.
2013-08-29remove "encoding: binary" header use
We don't need it since IO#read(bytes, buf) will convert to ASCII-8BIT anyways. Everywhere else, we ensure path names are already binary. We do this mainly at the client layer before using Shellwords to escape the paths. We also must be careful about parsing output from soxi/avprobe which can show us metadata in whatever encoding is in the file. We must still handle data from parsing command output as binary, as the encoding of file metadata tends to vary. This also should buy us Syck compatibility for Ruby 1.9.3 users on Debian systems where Ruby 1.9.3 still uses Syck.
2013-08-28add license/copyright headers/footers to all files
All files we distribute in the tarball need to have a copyright/license specified for Savannah. We don't need the example state file anymore.
2013-08-26player: flesh out multi-source in protocol/sourceedit
We should be fully-capable of managing any number of options to try sources in.
2013-08-26cleanup multi-source handling between sox and av
This should better prepare us to make "source ed" into "source <av|sox> ed" and set per-source priorities. We also now treat @env consistently for all per-source commands (such as soxi/avprobe) so we can be sure we're using the same installation of sox or libav if using a non-standard PATH, or if we want to set AV_LOG_FORCE_NOCOLOR
2013-08-25split out source handling to prepare for avconv/ffmpeg support
We should've done this at the start, but we didn't.
2013-08-25tests: use unix_client in tests to kill some redundant code
This should make porting to different Unix socket types easier, too. Much of these tests were written before I decided to implement unix_client originally.
2013-08-25test_rg_integration: avoid unused variable warning
Oops, I should've noticed this earlier.
2013-08-25set REPLAYGAIN_* vars for source command as documented
We documented this behavior in dtas-player.txt but failed to implement it. Now our behavior matches the documentation!
2013-08-24initial commit