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2013-09-22splitfx: rename "opus" target to "opusenc"
2013-09-19player: stop sinks whenever we're out-of-tracks to play
2013-09-11splitfx: preserve original rate/channels/bits for generic targets
2013-09-11splitfx: add "skip" directive
2013-09-11player (tl add): do not repeat first track when idle
2013-09-10splitfx: add opus and flac-cdda outputs
2013-09-10player: do not reset tracklist if paused
2013-09-09doc: nodoc new classes
2013-09-09player/client_handler: return count for list-style responses
2013-09-09player: s/echo/wall/ for broadcasting to all watchers
2013-09-09tracklist: implement single-track repeat
2013-09-09tracklist: previous! only wraps around when repeat is enabled
2013-09-09player: "tl goto" takes optional offset arg in HHMMSS.SUBSEC
2013-09-09player: implement previous/next commands
2013-09-09tracklist: next_track -> advance_track
2013-09-09player: reset tracklist when idle stat is detected
2013-09-09player/client_handler: prevent seek from excessive requeue
2013-09-09player: do not repeat first track on start if using playlist
2013-09-09tracklist: fix go_to functionality
2013-09-09player/client_handler: "tl add" returns track_id of added track
2013-09-09player: implement basic tracklist functionality
2013-09-09tracklist: preliminary tracklist class
2013-09-09splitfx: minor bugfixes, use strings for commands/targets
2013-09-08pipe: remove pipe_size call for non-Linux platforms
2013-09-08sink: remove unnecessary writable_iter
2013-09-07splitfx: flesh out functionality + integration test
2013-09-07implement environment variable expansion
2013-09-07splitfx: round instead of truncate for CDDA
2013-09-07add dtas-splitfx - .cuesheets + make(1)
2013-09-06source/sox: correctly extend xs for try_to_fail_harder
2013-09-01player/client_handler: support for dumping individual env
2013-09-01player: explicitly stop+wait for sink death at_exit
2013-09-01player/client_handler: cleanup to avoid redundant code
2013-09-01player: add "state dump" command to serialize state
2013-09-01source/{av,ff}: probe harder for audio in weird containers
2013-08-31disclaimer: disambiguate between dtas/$PROGNAME
2013-08-30av_ff_common: fix undefined var in astream fallback
2013-08-29rg: avoid adding gain if fallback_gain + preamp is near zero
2013-08-29remove "encoding: binary" header use
2013-08-28add license/copyright headers/footers to all files
2013-08-27av_ff_common: zero samples on streams of unknown length
2013-08-27player: fix sink auto-restart on "sink ed" changes
2013-08-26:nodoc: core classes in 1.9 compat layer
2013-08-26av_ff_common: :nodoc: this constant and add TODO item
2013-08-26client_handler: remove redundant checks for @current.pid
2013-08-26player: do not assign @current until successful spawn
2013-08-26source/sox: cleanup error handling, quiet redundant warnings
2013-08-26add lightly-tested ffmpeg support
2013-08-26source/sox: bail out if zero samples are detected
2013-08-26player: break out gracefully if a file is totally unplayable