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2013-09-22splitfx: nodoc the Skip class
This is an internal class, and we don't have a public Ruby API anyways.
2013-09-22splitfx: rename "opus" target to "opusenc"
sox(1) may gain the ability to natively encode to Opus one day without using opusenc(1), so make it more explicit we are relying on opusenc(1).
2013-09-19player: stop sinks whenever we're out-of-tracks to play
We should not leave sinks running when nothing is playing, since that blocks the sound device from being used by others.
2013-09-11splitfx: preserve original rate/channels/bits for generic targets
We do not explicitly resample/dither/downmix without users permission.
2013-09-11splitfx: add "skip" directive
This allows skipping periods of silence/noise in between music tracks. This should be useful if the recorder is left running during intermission or during equipment swaps.
2013-09-11player (tl add): do not repeat first track when idle
When a player is idle and a track is added to an empty tracklist, we should not repeat the first track added to the tracklist. Avoid that by advancing the tracklist to the current track.
2013-09-10splitfx: add opus and flac-cdda outputs
These are common output targets, at least for my workflow.
2013-09-10player: do not reset tracklist if paused
We should only reset the tracklist if the user has completely iterated through the list of tracks to be played.
2013-09-09doc: nodoc new classes
We have no public Ruby API, only socket protocols and data formats.
2013-09-09player/client_handler: return count for list-style responses
This is necessary to handle the case where the tracklist is empty, clients get confused and timeout the response if we attempt to emit an empty string.
2013-09-09player: s/echo/wall/ for broadcasting to all watchers
"wall" is analogous to the wall(1) command, so we shall use that instead of echo.
2013-09-09tracklist: implement single-track repeat
Because sometimes a song is just stuck in our head. Or MPRIS 2.0 wants us to implement it this way...
2013-09-09tracklist: previous! only wraps around when repeat is enabled
Non-repeating tracklists should stop playing when there's nothing to go back to.
2013-09-09player: "tl goto" takes optional offset arg in HHMMSS.SUBSEC
This should make implementing SetPosition in the MPRIS 2.0 spec possible.
2013-09-09player: implement previous/next commands
This means we can go back and forth in the tracklist like a normal music player. This will allow an easier MPRIS 2.0 implementation.
2013-09-09tracklist: next_track -> advance_track
This is a more accurate depiction of what happens, and we'll implement "next" and "previous" commands in the future.
2013-09-09player: reset tracklist when idle stat is detected
We should return to the starting position of the tracklist if we are idle.
2013-09-09player/client_handler: prevent seek from excessive requeue
Otherwise we end up constantly pushing tracks to the top of the queue and getting surprising behavior if seek is called repeatedly.
2013-09-09player: do not repeat first track on start if using playlist
We already flush the currently playing track into the head of the queue upon player exit (even if it was in the @tl), so we should use @tl.next_track as usual instead of @tl.cur_track in case the queue is empty.
2013-09-09tracklist: fix go_to functionality
We need to preserve the go_to-specified position for next_track, doing otherwise would cause us to always be off-by-one.
2013-09-09player/client_handler: "tl add" returns track_id of added track
This allows easier scripting if we want to add a bunch of tracks
2013-09-09player: implement basic tracklist functionality
This should allow us to repeat through a list of tracks with relative ease. There is a rudimentary dtas-tl client implemented. This may be removed in the future.
2013-09-09tracklist: preliminary tracklist class
This should allow us to eventually implement a MPRIS 2.0-compliant tracklist.
2013-09-09splitfx: minor bugfixes, use strings for commands/targets
Minor bugfixes, this allows users to setup targets easily without introducing them to the ":" Rubyism for symbols. Also, use "track_start" instead of "track_first" to match the existing published examples for numbering the first track. While we're at it, detect the decoded sample precision correctly for dither use.
2013-09-08pipe: remove pipe_size call for non-Linux platforms
Having it return nil in a noop function seems wrong. We can't silently discard the value (unlike pipe_size=)
2013-09-08sink: remove unnecessary writable_iter
We do not need it anymore since we only write to the targets returned by Sink#spawn.
2013-09-07splitfx: flesh out functionality + integration test
This seems to be working out nicely. Having a basic integration test should be enough to get us started for now.
2013-09-07implement environment variable expansion
This will allow users to more-easily edit configs and feel like a real shell. We no longer mistakenly expand nil env variables to "" anymore, either.
2013-09-07splitfx: round instead of truncate for CDDA
Rounding should be more accurate, even though my original awk snippet truncated the output.
2013-09-07add dtas-splitfx - .cuesheets + make(1)
This is lacking tests and documentation, but it works from a old trivial sample I had from a recording I previously split using plain POSIX shell splitfx is like make(1) for splitting and minor audio editing. It also allows any number of effects.
2013-09-06source/sox: correctly extend xs for try_to_fail_harder
Singleton methods tend to be bad like this. TODO: write tests for this.
2013-09-01player/client_handler: support for dumping individual env
This allows users to display the current env value for introspection
2013-09-01player: explicitly stop+wait for sink death at_exit
This allows me to hit Ctrl-C on a dtas-player(1) process, wait on termination of the player, and immediately restart it without worrying about sink conflicts upon restart. Before this change, sinks would continue running for a bit (depending on buffer sizes).
2013-09-01player/client_handler: cleanup to avoid redundant code
stop_sinks is already defined, so avoid repeating this loop
2013-09-01player: add "state dump" command to serialize state
This helps in case dtas-player is hit with SIGKILL or the system crashes. This does not fsync(2) as that could introduce delays on slow filesystems. Users should open the file manually and fsync themselves if they need to.
2013-09-01source/{av,ff}: probe harder for audio in weird containers
Some containers (e.g. large VOBs) are not easily probed and require additional options for avprobe/ffprobe to find audio streams. We do this by looping and increasing the duration/size of the probe to find new audio streams. This seems to work reasonably well for some DVD rips I have until seeking is required. This breaks if the seek point (including seeks for source effects) exceeds the avprobe/ffprobe -analyzeduration. Anyways, I recommend extracting the audio stream (without transcoding) out of the VOB container as the best way to go. Something like: avconv -analyzeduration 2G -probesize 2G \ -i input.vob -vn -sn -c:a copy -map 0:$STREAM_NR output.ext
2013-08-31disclaimer: disambiguate between dtas/$PROGNAME
The whole dtas project is committed to giving as much rope as users need!
2013-08-30av_ff_common: fix undefined var in astream fallback
This is reproducible on a video file with a mono audio stream when attempting playback in stereo.
2013-08-29rg: avoid adding gain if fallback_gain + preamp is near zero
No need to add the vol effect if it's going to be a noop.
2013-08-29remove "encoding: binary" header use
We don't need it since IO#read(bytes, buf) will convert to ASCII-8BIT anyways. Everywhere else, we ensure path names are already binary. We do this mainly at the client layer before using Shellwords to escape the paths. We also must be careful about parsing output from soxi/avprobe which can show us metadata in whatever encoding is in the file. We must still handle data from parsing command output as binary, as the encoding of file metadata tends to vary. This also should buy us Syck compatibility for Ruby 1.9.3 users on Debian systems where Ruby 1.9.3 still uses Syck.
2013-08-28add license/copyright headers/footers to all files
All files we distribute in the tarball need to have a copyright/license specified for Savannah. We don't need the example state file anymore.
2013-08-27av_ff_common: zero samples on streams of unknown length
It's possible to get zero samples when playing streams of unknown length (e.g. over Icecast over HTTP)
2013-08-27player: fix sink auto-restart on "sink ed" changes
I should really write a test case for this, maybe later.
2013-08-26:nodoc: core classes in 1.9 compat layer
No we do not want to confuse `ri' users with this.
2013-08-26av_ff_common: :nodoc: this constant and add TODO item
We expose no public API, so avoid cluttering users disk space with useless ri/rdoc and avoid cluttering the web with HTML nobody will read.
2013-08-26client_handler: remove redundant checks for @current.pid
@current is only set if is active with a pid, now, so all of our checks for @current.pid are redundant and confusing.
2013-08-26player: do not assign @current until successful spawn
This should hopefully prevent us from getting wedged if we hit an error while preparing to spawn (or during spawn).
2013-08-26source/sox: cleanup error handling, quiet redundant warnings
Showing the warning for the same file over and over again is annoying when seeking a file handled by avconv/ffmpeg, so stop doing it. While we're at it, the error handling for __load_comments is totally redundant (absent of race conditions if another process modifies the file). However, if we do hit races, all the other soxi invocations would be racy, too; but we really just shouldn't care about such a corner case in here.
2013-08-26add lightly-tested ffmpeg support
Since ffmpeg/ffprobe are wrappers around their libav-variants, I haven't had the chance to actually test with "real" ffmpeg, but the usage is probably similar enough to not matter.
2013-08-26source/sox: bail out if zero samples are detected
soxi may not handle some files correctly and detect zero samples without error-ing out. If sox can't detect the sample count or the file is really empty, then there's no point trying futher and we'll fall back to avconv.