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path: root/lib/dtas/watchable.rb
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2020-02-03doc: update copyrights for 2020
2020-01-06watchable: use fiddle for inotify support
2019-01-02dtas 0.16.0 v0.16.0
2019-01-02dtas/watchable: check SystemCallError
2016-01-02copyright updates for 2016
2015-12-25enable "frozen_string_literal: true"
2015-12-15nodoc internal classes
2015-05-19source/splitfx: allow watching extra external scripts
2015-01-23watchable: simplify check
2015-01-19update copyright years and links to mailing list archives
2015-01-19dtas-sourceedit: update player as user saves in the editor