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DateCommit message (Expand)
2016-01-02copyright updates for 2016
2015-12-25enable "frozen_string_literal: true"
2015-12-13switch to exception-free non-blocking I/O
2015-05-17process: implement array expansion to preserve spaces
2015-05-17use monotonic clock on Ruby 2.1+
2015-04-13cleanup: avoid redundant Array conversion for escapes
2015-01-20doc: describe most classes a bit
2015-01-19update copyright years and links to mailing list archives
2015-01-19consolidate spawn fix for Ruby [Bug #8770]
2014-12-08process: update comment for bug workaround #2
2014-12-08process: update comment for bug workaround
2014-06-06update copyrights and email address for 2014
2013-09-07implement environment variable expansion
2013-08-29remove "encoding: binary" header use
2013-08-28add license/copyright headers/footers to all files
2013-08-26cleanup multi-source handling between sox and av
2013-08-26process (qx): disambiguate err/err_str, add no_raise
2013-08-26process: remove redundant "xs" method
2013-08-25process: allow passing env to qx
2013-08-25preliminary support for avconv/avprobe from libav
2013-08-25more cleanups for packaging and documentation v0.0.0
2013-08-24initial commit