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2020-02-03doc: update copyrights for 2020
2017-03-02deduplicate strings using String#-@ (uminus) in Ruby 2.5+
2017-01-06rg_state: fix no-op gain detection
2016-12-31player: freeze sink name to avoid needless dup
2016-12-27http -> https, and relocate homepage to https://80x24.org/dtas/
2016-04-24player: extra "cue" seeking functionality
2016-04-11player: "cue prev" reliably hits previous cue breakpoint
2016-01-25player: support "consume" mode for tracklist
2016-01-24String#split with a single-byte instead of regexp
2016-01-24player: avoid allocation on sort
2016-01-05console: show tracklist shuffle status, too
2016-01-02copyright updates for 2016
2015-12-31dtas-console: show trim and "tl repeat" status
2015-12-31dtas-console: show paused track and time offset
2015-12-31player: frozen_string_literal fixup for "tl tracks"
2015-12-25enable "frozen_string_literal: true"
2015-12-14player: implement software volume control
2015-12-14player: show "tracklist" hash with summary info with "current"
2015-12-14tracklist: swap functionality
2015-12-13player: dump state file asynchronously when requested
2015-12-13player: support "tl clear" internally
2015-12-07player: tl (repeat|shuffle|max) and trim swap values
2015-12-07player: refactor and document tracklist interface
2015-12-07tracklist: support limiting maximum tracklist size
2015-12-07tracklist: shuffle support
2015-12-05tracklist: use lower number unique track IDs
2015-10-04player: cleanup command dispatch
2015-04-13cleanup: avoid redundant Array conversion for escapes
2015-01-28player: support the "trim" parameter
2015-01-20doc: describe most classes a bit
2015-01-19update copyright years and links to mailing list archives
2015-01-19avoid aliasing global "spawn" method
2015-01-19sinkedit: flesh out all parameters
2014-12-27player: support "source restart" command
2014-12-24restart "source ed" after env changes
2014-10-21favor &:proc form instead of blocks in more places
2014-08-26client_handler: minor cleanup (favor &:proc)
2014-06-06update copyrights and email address for 2014
2013-12-06client_handler: style: prefer terser &:method form
2013-10-10player: "tl remove" properly stops current track
2013-10-09player: "tl remove" drops the track from the queue
2013-10-08player: "tl add" may trigger player start
2013-10-06player: delay tracklist reset until asked to play
2013-10-05player: add factor out redundant condition check
2013-09-30player/client_handler: remove unused variables
2013-09-30player (protocol): rename "tl previous" to "tl prev"
2013-09-30player: support seeking based on embedded cuesheet (FLAC)
2013-09-30player: "tl goto" starts playback if idle (and not paused)
2013-09-28player: support bypass for rate, bits, channel
2013-09-11player (tl add): do not repeat first track when idle