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2013-10-10dtas-tl: "reto" command does not scan track IDs
Using a regexp to match trackIDs is probably not intended by the user.
2013-09-22dtas-tl: add "reto" command
This behaves like "goto", but takes a regular expression instead of a track_id
2013-09-10dtas-tl: add-{tail,head} -> add{tail,head}
Shorten these commands since they're frequently used and to make eventual tab completion easier.
2013-09-09dtas-tl: add a handy "clear" command
This is implemented in client space, as the MPRIS 2.0 spec does not say this needs to be implemented at all...
2013-09-09dtas-tl: expand paths before using them
It's easier to handle the client and player to be in different directories (and we also do this for dtas-enq(1))
2013-09-09dtas-tl: add add-tail command
This adds a bunch of tracks sequentially to the end of the tracklist
2013-09-09player: implement basic tracklist functionality
This should allow us to repeat through a list of tracks with relative ease. There is a rudimentary dtas-tl client implemented. This may be removed in the future.