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2019-11-14dtas 0.17.0 v0.17.0
2019-11-14TODO: add a note about using a more stable glue language
2019-11-14doc: use new HTTPS address at lists.gnu.org
2019-11-13readahead: avoid Array#compact and Array#max on `false'
2019-11-09Add zsh completion support
2019-11-09doc: trivial typo fixes
2019-11-02player: automatically pause if last sink dies
2019-11-02buffer/splice: pass kwargs as-is to tee/splice
2019-11-02dtas-console: pass kwargs as-is to String#encode
2019-11-02dtas-console: remove unused variables
2019-11-02dtas-graph: add a short blurb about what it does
2019-07-04dtas-graph: show inode number in hex, too
2019-04-22doc: update homepage to point to cgit /about/
2019-04-22doc: remove inaccurate comment about "GNU-ism"
2019-01-02dtas 0.16.1 v0.16.1
2019-01-02splice: fix missing F_NONBLOCK flag for single output
2019-01-02dtas-linux 1.1.0
2019-01-02dtas 0.16.0 v0.16.0
2019-01-02use sleepy_penguin 3.5+ for splice and tee support
2019-01-02mlib: fix unused variable warning
2019-01-02dtas/watchable: check SystemCallError
2018-01-30mlib: ignore files with nil times
2018-01-30mlib: use flock to get around SQLite busy errors
2018-01-29mlib: remove redundant tag massaging and encoding
2018-01-29mlib: compatibility with Sequel 5.x
2018-01-29get rid of Windows-31J regexps
2018-01-29player: support guessing encodings for comments
2018-01-11Rakefile: update path for uploads
2017-11-19console: ensure time calculations are done in UTC
2017-04-28pipeline: new module for running process pipelines
2017-04-07dtas 0.15.0 v0.15.0
2017-03-02deduplicate strings using String#-@ (uminus) in Ruby 2.5+
2017-01-17readahead: fix running commands with non-files
2017-01-13readahead: handle queued commands properly (again)
2017-01-11source/sox: relax comment NAME restriction
2017-01-06rg_state: fix no-op gain detection
2017-01-02buffer/splice: remove MAX_SIZE constant
2017-01-02source/sox: simplify conditional, slightly
2016-12-31player: freeze sink name to avoid needless dup
2016-12-27http -> https, and relocate homepage to https://80x24.org/dtas/
2016-12-27test/test_rb_state: quiet deprecation warning
2016-12-27source/sox: integrate mcache support to reduce soxi calls
2016-12-26introduce mcache class for caching audio metadata
2016-12-26format.from_file: reduce soxi invocations
2016-12-07splitfx: more consistently generate fade_in effects
2016-11-26mlib: use transaction for removing stale entries
2016-11-05readahead: handle queued commands properly
2016-07-07dtas-readahead: cleanup open files on pause
2016-06-17archive: fix suffix replacement for stats
2016-04-24player: extra "cue" seeking functionality