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2015-10-30allow building the gem without pandoc
Not everybody cares for manpages.
2015-10-30gemspec: duplicate frozen string for older Rubygems
Older Rubygems (1.8.23 at least on Debian wheezy) tried to modify the version string directly.
2015-10-19dtas-archive: allow specifying SoX compression factor
This can speed up archiving in some cases, as FLAC with compression-level 8 may be excessively slow.
2015-10-04player: cleanup command dispatch
We can generate many command calls easily and dynamically, so avoid the code and cognitive overhead for the majority of commands.
2015-10-03README: add link to NNTP and Atom feeds
The Atom feed has existed for a while, but the NNTP server is brand new (and potentially buggy: drop a plain-text mail to meta@public-inbox.org if you notice bugs)
2015-09-26gemspec: use SPDX-compatible license
RubyGems still complains about the '+', but it is SPDX-compliant...
2015-09-25dtas-readahead: make executable
Oops, files in bin/ should be executable.
2015-09-25dtas-cueedit: escape path to temporary file
Temporary files may still have spaces or weird chars in them. Just keep in mind we need to use $EDITOR/$VISUAL as-is since that may contain additional command-line arguments, so we cannot pass an array.
2015-09-24dtas-readahead: avoid polling on pause
When a player is paused with nothing player, we will not waste CPU time polling for the player to become available. It is wasteful of processing power and battery life.
2015-09-20dtas-readahead: new script for -player users on Linux
This is dependent on Linux /proc/ (the "pos: " field of /proc/$PID/fdinfo/$FD to be exact). This was written to avoid seek latencies on a remote FUSE filesystem with occasional packet loss.
2015-09-07player: add "queue cat" command
This will dump the contents of the current queue, including positional seeking information and commands. This is mainly intended for debugging and tools which rely on dtas internals.
2015-09-06use a common /dev/null
This allows us to avoid wasting time reopening the same device over and over again.
2015-07-18parse_freq: trivial new module for parsing frequencies
Seems a bit stupid, but oh well.
2015-07-18parse_time: pass through numeric types
This makes it easier to use in a user-friendly scripting interface we have coming up.
2015-06-16favor recv and recv_nonblock over recvmsg variants
We never use the full return value of the recvmsg* methods, so those allocations are wasted.
2015-06-15splitfx: set OUTFMT correctly for subenv if command is set
2015-06-03splitfx: ensure rate is an integer
We'll be using the rate for automatically calculating CDDA alignment in the future.
2015-05-24splitfx: allow -p/--sox-pipe option
This allows splitfx YAML files to operate more seamlessly with external commands such as play(1) especially when combined with the -t/--trim option.
2015-05-21dtas-*edit: fix inotify watch invocations
Broken by commit c02f0b8182b35df1a318418bbd0036c00be93b5c ("source/splitfx: allow watching extra external scripts") Oops
2015-05-21dtas-splitfx: comment describing -j (nothing) as infinite
I nearly forgot about this myself
2015-05-21splitfx: simplify output display
No point in executing echo and wasting CPU cycles. We'll only waste cycles now during dry-runs
2015-05-20splitfx: documentation for subclasses
2015-05-20splitfx: drop unnecessary variable
We no longer use it since commit 7b47191aa4c88b3daa4c980013f0047cb7ae7f6d ("splitfx: avoid double-truncation with user command")
2015-05-19source/splitfx: allow watching extra external scripts
Since writing nested shell commands inside YAML is subject to all sorts of strange quoting rules, encourage users to rely on external scripts which the YAML file refers to instead. These scripts can be written in any reasonable scripting language capable of executing other commands. This allows transparently monitoring things such as `my-script.rb' in the below example when playing my-splitfx.yml via dtas-player: --------------------- my-splitfx.yml ----------------------- infile: input.flac command: $INDIR/my-script.rb "$INFILE" ... --------------------- my-script.rb -------------------------- #!/usr/bin/ruby require 'shellwords' infile = ARGV.shift ch = %W(sox #{infile} -p).concat((ENV['TRIMFX'] || '').shellsplit) fx = %W(highpass 25 gain 9) l = ch.dup.concat(%W(remix 1v1)).concat(fx).concat(%w(contrast 30)) r = ch.dup.concat(%W(remix 2v1)).concat(fx).concat(%w(contrast 0)) cmd = %W(sox -M |#{l.shelljoin} |#{r.shelljoin}) cmd.concat((ENV['SOXFMT'] || '-p').shellsplit) cmd.concat(%w(- stats)) warn cmd.inspect exec *cmd
2015-05-19splitfx: avoid double-truncation with user command
It's probably harmless as the sub (second) command is usually innocuous as fars a modifying dynamic range, but it makes the command-line output confusing.
2015-05-19dtas-console: bind "o" to display time in absolute seconds
It can be useful to display time as absolute seconds to ease arithmetic for tracking files.
2015-05-18splitfx: remove support for encoding opus
Lossy file encoding has too many tunable variables and it is not a good fit for an audio production tool such as dtas-splitfx. This was becoming a maintenance burden for me and is a sign of featuritis.
2015-05-18splitfx: show correct command for output
2015-05-17process: implement array expansion to preserve spaces
This can make it easier to specify mcompand parameters in socks, as those require separate levels of parameter parsing and require quoting in shell.
2015-05-17dtas-splitfx: support --trim argument
It can often be useful to expose only part of a track for quick inspection. This lets us do that.
2015-05-17dtas-splitfx: no arguments for quiet and --no-dither
2015-05-17use monotonic clock on Ruby 2.1+
The monotonic clock is immune to stepping adjustments so it is more suitable for tracking elapsed time differences. Process.clock_gettime also generates less garbage on 64-bit systems due to the use of Flonum.
2015-05-10splitfx: fix non-generic, user-specified targets
Regression appeared in the previous commit, oops. commit ab63c7bb1b69423f8c39a60dd00230c560eecfc4 (splitfx: fix lossy output with player command is in use)
2015-05-10splitfx: fix lossy output with player command is in use
We must ensure lossy encodings do not get lossily-encoded twice, only once at the final stage. There is no effect for lossless outputs as lossless is the common case for splitfx users.
2015-05-10INSTALL: update documentation for 0.11.0 release
2015-05-10dtas 0.11.0 - bugfixes and splitfx features v0.11.0
dtas-player: There is one dtas-player bugfix to fix an infinite loop on missing files when repeating a single track. commit b6515b3a8abab6dcc56166da825e01e2c083bfc9 ReplayGain also uses the "gain" effect instead of "vol", allowing compatibility with "gain -h" to provide extra headroom in user effects. commit 403ed90e2e7bed3e017938d76e17037b0d5059b6 dtas-splitfx: Dither is no longer applied when outputting bit-depths above 16-bit. The --bits/-b/--rate/-r/-C/--compression command-line flags are passed to sox(1) for output and allow overriding any targets specified in the output. commit e6a2ff2a3984320b1b83f5051709880a8b9d3708 commit 03b1303b1c7511fdd1a6b2f63d7c509e822a6a38) The -O/--outdir switch allows specifying a different output directory, useful for splitting from read-only checkouts or to a faster tmpfs filesystem to avoid SSD wear. commit 619b08c9d4e43d94bac39cd395c1def6fa796f06 dtas-splitfx is still a work-in-progress and rapidly improving :)
2015-05-10splitfx: --bits and --rate for quick-n-dirty generic targets
generic targets (e.g. "wav") is useful for quickly checking if clipping is introduced by dither and resampling, so we'll support changing the sample rate and bits-per-sample from the command-line so users don't need to setup their own targets or wait on FLAC encoding.
2015-05-10splitfx: pass compression factor to sox(1)
This can be useful for speeding up splitfx during development, as sox defaults to maximum compression with FLAC and that is extremely slow.
2015-05-10doc: favor the "gain" effect over "vol"
Followup-to commit 403ed90e2e7bed3e017938d76e17037b0d5059b6 (replaygain uses the "gain" effect instead of "vol") The `gain' effect seems superior as it can "see" across the effects chain to take into account extra/lost headroom.
2015-05-10splitfx: support -O/--outdir switch to control output dir
It is useful to force output to a writable directory if the YAML file is on a read-only mount point or to force the output to a large tmpfs mount point to avoid SSD/HDD wear.
2015-05-10splitfx: fix typo for dither application
We do not need to dither unless we output to 16-bit or less. This bug caused us to unnecessarily apply dither on 24-bit output files. Oops!
2015-05-10tracklist: fix inf loop on ENOENT with repeat==1
If a file is missing, we must not respect the repeat option set by the user to avoid infinite looping
2015-05-07replaygain uses the "gain" effect instead of "vol"
The `gain' effect seems superior as it can "see" across the effects chain to take into account extra/lost headroom. For example, this allows me to add the the "gain -h" effect at the start of my effects chain before the RGFX placeholder in my source command, so when I play a file requiring a -6dB ReplayGain adjustment, I will only need an additional -4dB of headroom to accomodate the 10dB boost at 20Hz I use (for listening through headphones): Before: RGFX='vol -6dB' sox "$INFILE" $SOXFMT - $TRIMFX $RGFX vol -10dB equalizer 20 0.7071q 10 After: RGFX='gain -6' sox "$INFILE" $SOXFMT - $TRIMFX gain -h $RGFX equalizer 20 0.7071q 10
2015-04-13Rakefile: use version sort for NEWS file
Otherwise it's not very readable since our version numbers are no longer lexographically sortable.
2015-04-13dtas 0.10.0 - major features and small fixes v0.10.0
Bug fixes: * Exported INFILE environment variable is always shell-escaped This prevent screw-ups when users are using funky filenames. * dtas-player: enqueued commands cannot use audio format bypass (the audio format cannot be known ahead-of-time from raw commands) * YAML omap (ordered map) is explicitly used for all env hashes for user editing. Normal (unordered hashes) are still allowed if loading existing files. This does not affect Ruby 1.9+ users, but allows easier processing for users of other languages. New features (all platforms): * dtas-player now plays dtas-splitfx YAML files support cue sheet emulation based on the track list. Under Linux[1], changes to the YAML file are reflected in real-time as the file is edited and saved in an $EDITOR. This feature is useful for dialing in EQ, compressor, and limiter effects on tracks. * dtas-player supports the "source restart" command for restarting playback on modified files for systems without inotify support. * dtas-splitfx now exports the INDIR and INBASE environment variables which are intended to act like `$(@D)' and `$(@F)' in GNU make(1). It should ease managing temporary files for some effects (e.g. noiseprof + noisered in sox) * dtas-console supports '!' and '@' hotkeys keys for moving within files with embedded cue sheets. * dtas-player supports the "trim" command to focus on a particular portion of a track. It may be useful when combined with the existing "tl repeat" command for dialing in audio editing parameters (via a splitfx YAML file): To continuously repeat a 5 second part of the current track starting at 1 minute into the track: dtas-ctl tl repeat 1 && dtas-ctl trim 1:00 5 Passing "off" as the parameter disables trim: dtas-ctl trim off * dtas-env(7) manpage added for common environment variables across the suite * dtas-sinkedit shows default parameters in addition to user-changed parameters New features (Linux-only) * dtas-sourceedit and dtas-sinkedit support inotify[1] when editing the YAML text file. This allows real-time updates on $EDITOR file save as the user edits the parameters of the commands used for decoding and playback. * dtas-archive - paranoid archival script for copying and (re-reading) files. This is useful when transferring files from removable devices to computers without ECC memory (or any other bit errors in transport before main memory is accessed). This requires Ruby 1.9.3 or later (no 3rd-party RubyGems) on Linux for IO#advise support. There are also many internal cleanups and more work-in-progress for dtas-splitfx features. [1] feature requires the sleepy_penguin RubyGem to be installed.
2015-04-13doc: update for dtas-sinkedit inotify support
New features need to be documented.
2015-04-13cleanup: avoid redundant Array conversion for escapes
We already convert xs arg to be an Array, so avoid bloating our code with redundancy.
2015-04-13escape INFILE and related environment variables
We may expand them, so ensure they're properly escaped, first for use in shell snippets.
2015-04-13xs: allow taking a string as input
This allows us to avoid unnecessary Array conversions in call sites
2015-04-12dtas-sinkedit: catch up to inotify/pipe changes in sourceedit
This is mainly for consistency in behavior with dtas-sourceedit. Using dtas-sourcedit is still more common and recommended as it is less likely to introduce audible gaps and pauses.