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2016-01-25source/sox: try_to_fail_harder is a normal method
The @last_failed state is in the parent object, not the dup-ed object we fork off of.
2016-01-24source/sox: explicitly freeze comment keys
We load them frequently enough that the garbage is not worth it.
2016-01-24String#split with a single-byte instead of regexp
This reduces memory usage as a Regexp object is hundreds of bytes and a single-byte string object is only 40 bytes that is deduped within the VM.
2016-01-24player: avoid allocation on sort
Hash#keys already allocates a new array, so we may sort it in place without worrying about side effects and avoiding an extra allocation.
2016-01-21dtas-tl: fix "cat" output
It needs to display the track ID on the left like in 0.13.0 and earlier versions. Oops. Fixes: cb5a016bf5e1 ("dtas-tl: shell-unescape cat output")
2016-01-18doc: preserve times in website
We should not be busting caches and wasting visitor's bandwidth for unmodified files.
2016-01-18doc: convert to perlpod(1) from Markdown
perlpod(1) is already installed by default on Debian and RedHat-based systems; and probably most modern *nixes; pandoc(1) (and Haskell) are not. POD also more standardized than Markdown (which flavor? :P), especially for generating manpages. So save any potential documentation editors some disk space by not forcing them to install Haskell and pandoc. Finally, I'm a mildly proficient in Perl and do not know Haskell at all and have a better chance at reading/hacking the source if the document generator breaks.
2016-01-17doc: update-footer.rb: fix for frozen_string_literal
Oops :x
2016-01-17dtas 0.13.1 - dtas-tl encoding bugfixes v0.13.1
This release addresses encoding and escaping-related bugs affecting the use of "dtas-tl edit" (and to a lesser extent, "dtas-tl cat"). Filenames with characters requiring shell-escaping were not round-tripped correctly, causing movement/addition of such files (which may not be properly encoded to any encoding) to be handled incorrectly. There are also some mlib bug fixes, but the mlib API and CLI are currently unstable and undocumented... 4 changes since 0.13.0: dtas-tl: hopefully fix up encoding issues dtas-tl: shell-unescape cat output mlib: fix foreign-key ordering issues with delete dtas-mlib: avoid redundant '/' in dumped pathname
2016-01-17dtas-mlib: avoid redundant '/' in dumped pathname
Harmless, but noisy and ugly.
2016-01-17mlib: fix foreign-key ordering issues with delete
We need to ensure children and comments are all deleted before parents are.
2016-01-17dtas-tl: shell-unescape cat output
We do the same with edit and this makes tracklists look nicer with non-7-bit-ASCII characters. While we're at it, use each_slice to request more info from the tracklist to reduce syscalls on both ends.
2016-01-17dtas-tl: hopefully fix up encoding issues
POSIX filesystems allow any combination of bytes, so we should be able to edit the tracklist when we have a filename with non-UTF-8 (or whatever locale the user uses). Try to present the user with a reasonable name when they have an external encoding (typically UTF-8); but be prepared to dump out whatever binary sequence the filesystem allows.
2016-01-07dtas 0.13.0 - -player-related fixes and improvements v0.13.0
Not much since 0.12.0: * "dtas-tl aac" implemented for adding tracks after the current track in dtas-player(1). * dtas-player now implements software volume control to simultaneously control the volume of all sinks. dtas-console remaps '0'/'9' keys for software volume control to match mplayer(1) behavior. '7'/'8' now adjusts the ReplayGain preamp volume. I'm still considering changing the 'r'/'R' keys for repeat cycling and moving ReplayGain cycling to 'g'/'G': http://80x24.org/dtas-all/20160105090453.GA30328@dcvr.yhbt.net/ * dtas-console shows the paused player track, and trim/shuffle/repeat statuses. * all comments loaded from YAML files intended for dtas-splitfx(1) are stringified. Other than that, I enjoy using the "dtas-tl edit" feature from 0.12.0+ to modify the tracklist very much :) There's a couple of changes to the experimental stuff hasn't been documented at all and even more subject to change than the rest of dtas... 30 changes since dtas 0.12.1: dtas-tl: simplify existing addtail/addhead while we're at it dtas-tl: fixup addtail again player: implement software volume control Rakefile: add Atom feed to website rg_state: fixup replaygain normalization Revert "dtas-tl: simplify existing addtail/addhead while we're at it" nodoc internal classes dtas-tl: "edit" gives sequential track IDs on new tracks gemspec: require Ruby 1.9.3 at minimum dtas-tl: add "aac" (add-after-current) command mlib: wire up search/find/stats to the UI mlib: fix update dtas-readahead: use our spawn fix properly enable "frozen_string_literal: true" doc: various wording fixes and doc enhancements remove vestigial mentions of opusenc splitfx: fixup frozen_string_literal for spawn player: frozen_string_literal fixup for "tl tracks" dtas-console: show paused track and time offset dtas-console: show trim and "tl repeat" status mlib: warn about non-SQLite databases becoming unsupported console: display paused commands properly source/splitfx: stringify comments copyright updates for 2016 player: replaygain: avoid unnecessary ignoring console: try harder to show rate console: show tracklist shuffle status, too tracklist: fix off-by-one error on track removal tracklist: reshuffle tracklist when exhausted dtas-tl: document "aac" addition
2016-01-07dtas-tl: document "aac" addition
Note to self: remember to document new features as they're added.
2016-01-05tracklist: reshuffle tracklist when exhausted
For now, shuffle means "random without repeats". So avoid repeating ourselves by shuffling when we've reached the end of the shuffled tracklist and have no more tracks to go. Whenever a client restarts the player or hits the loop for repeat, we'll have a freshly shuffled list for them to listen to.
2016-01-05tracklist: fix off-by-one error on track removal
@pos is an array index, and should never go beyond the last element.
2016-01-05console: show tracklist shuffle status, too
We support this feature, so it should probably be shown along with the repeat status of the tracklist. Ensure we notify all of our listeners about the status change in player, too.
2016-01-04console: try harder to show rate
Try to take advantage of bypass being enabled for sample rate, then show the raw sample offset if we cannot get the rate.
2016-01-04player: replaygain: avoid unnecessary ignoring
It is possible for a file to only have one of the ReplayGain tags we need and not the previous-required REPLAYGAIN_TRACK_GAIN tag. So do not reject the entire series of tags if a file has the one we want.
2016-01-02copyright updates for 2016
Using the 'update-copyright' script from gnulib[1]: git ls-files | UPDATE_COPYRIGHT_HOLDER='all contributors' \ UPDATE_COPYRIGHT_USE_INTERVALS=2 \ xargs /path/to/gnulib/build-aux/update-copyright [1] git://git.savannah.gnu.org/gnulib.git
2016-01-02source/splitfx: stringify comments
It's easier to leave numerics unquoted in YAML; so automatically stringify comments comming from the YAML file.
2016-01-01console: display paused commands properly
Running commands can be "paused" (actually, they're stopped), so we must display them correctly when attempting to encode them in the correct format instead of barfing when we attempt to call the 'encode' method on a Hash object.
2015-12-31mlib: warn about non-SQLite databases becoming unsupported
For a music collection (even a large one), SQLite is sufficient and less overhead than all of Sequel.
2015-12-31dtas-console: show trim and "tl repeat" status
It probably makes sense for the -console user to know if tracklist repeat and trim are enabled. Have player emit these in "current" output and let the console client track them for now.
2015-12-31dtas-console: show paused track and time offset
When invoking the "current" command, the player now returns the first track + offset in the queue. This should make it easier to show what's paused or not.
2015-12-31player: frozen_string_literal fixup for "tl tracks"
Oops :x
2015-12-27splitfx: fixup frozen_string_literal for spawn
This only affected splitfx when it used the command option, and only when calling dtas-splitfx (not when playing splitfx files through the player).
2015-12-26remove vestigial mentions of opusenc
We removed support for opusenc back in May as it was not really suitable for audio production and a maintenance burden. ref: commit 7ca5d0bfc714c254c374af9cbc2e024a8b439725 ("splitfx: remove support for encoding opus")
2015-12-25doc: various wording fixes and doc enhancements
English grammar is not easy :x While we're at it, dtas-archive.txt is expanded to document things like: http://80x24.org/dtas-all/20150918085401.GA8610@dcvr.yhbt.net/ (bus failure).
2015-12-25enable "frozen_string_literal: true"
While we're in the area, make a wording change from "GPLv3 or later" to "GPL-3.0+", as the latter is favored by SPDX.org
2015-12-20dtas-readahead: use our spawn fix properly
Our spawn fix does not cover singleton dispatch from the Process class; only bareword "function" calls.
2015-12-20mlib: fix update
We cannot use "dirname" in queries, oops :x
2015-12-16mlib: wire up search/find/stats to the UI
Not in any way a stable interface, yet, and still incomplete. This should emulate parts of the mpd protocol which should make it easier to debug and develop.
2015-12-15dtas-tl: add "aac" (add-after-current) command
This can be useful to avoid using the queue internally.
2015-12-15gemspec: require Ruby 1.9.3 at minimum
We've always required Ruby 1.9.3+ might as well put it in the gemspec. Probably in 2016, we'll drop 1.9.3 support and require 2.0+ only.
2015-12-15dtas-tl: "edit" gives sequential track IDs on new tracks
Having sequential track IDs can improve readability, so complicate our code a bit to ensure users get nicer looking track IDs. Followup to commit 90dcf561fd22c8a53c03d97292f86a82e74ca4a3 ('Revert "dtas-tl: simplify existing addtail/addhead while we're at it"')
2015-12-15nodoc internal classes
DTAS does not expose any sort of public API for external users, so it will not be documented using RDoc. Currently all of our documentation is in plain-text or Markdown (only for manpages).
2015-12-15Revert "dtas-tl: simplify existing addtail/addhead while we're at it"
This partially reverts commit 0dde5917fb5135ee3601383c29ffc0490071ea9d. This fixes "addtail" on an empty tracklist and preserves sequential ordering of track IDs, which might make sense for usability.
2015-12-14rg_state: fixup replaygain normalization
Oops, normalization is probably a forgotten feature...
2015-12-14Merge branch '0.12.x-stable'
* 0.12.x-stable: Rakefile: add Atom feed to website
2015-12-14Rakefile: add Atom feed to website 0.12.x-stable
This will hopefully allow readers to follow along with developments more easily.
2015-12-14player: implement software volume control
This is on a linear scale from 0.0 (mute) to 1.0 (no change) This is in the MPRIS spec and mpd as well (scaled to 0-100) This changes dtas-console key bindings (0/9) slightly to match mplayer more closely. ReplayGain preamp adjustment has moved from '0'/'9' to '7'/'8' keys. The 'm' key also toggles mute state (the pre-mute volume is stored in the dtas-console instance, not in dtas-player itself).
2015-12-14Merge branch '0.12.x-stable'
* 0.12.x-stable: dtas 0.12.1 - one bugfix! :x dtas-tl edit: fix ordering of newly-added songs
2015-12-14dtas 0.12.1 - one bugfix! :x v0.12.1
One bugfix on top of dtas 0.12.1 dtas-tl edit: fix ordering of newly-added songs Everything else in the v0.12.0 release stil applies: http://80x24.org/dtas-all/20151214-dtas-0.12.0-unle@shed/t/ Have fun!
2015-12-14dtas-tl edit: fix ordering of newly-added songs
We need to add new songs in reverse order of what's in the file to preserve ordering when they're added after an existing ID. This way we don't have to remember the track we just added, either.
2015-12-14dtas-tl: fixup addtail again
Oops :x commit 0dde5917fb5135ee3601383c29ffc0490071ea9d ("dtas-tl: simplify existing addtail/addhead while we're at it")
2015-12-14dtas-tl: simplify existing addtail/addhead while we're at it
No need to keep track of added track IDs when we can walk the array backwards to insert in the correct order. Also, fix a stupid (probably?) typo in the "addhead" implementation, too. I've known about Array#reverse_each for a while...
2015-12-14dtas-tl edit: fix ordering of newly-added songs
We need to add new songs in reverse order of what's in the file to preserve ordering when they're added after an existing ID. This way we don't have to remember the track we just added, either.
2015-12-14dtas 0.12.0 - many player updates v0.12.0
Notable additions for dtas-player music listeners. dtas-ctl queue cat - display the internal queue dtas-tl shuffle [true|false] - toggle tracklist shuffle dtas-tl edit - open tracklist in an editor see dtas-tl(1) manpage for more details on this: http://dtas.80x24.org/dtas-tl.txt The player tracklist now uses sequential track IDs instead of Ruby object IDs, so it should be easier to use existing commands such as "dtas-tl goto" and "dtas-tl remove" For people using dtas-player for applying real-time effects to splitfx YAML files, dtas-player can now watch for changes in scripts specified in the "command" field of the splitfx YAML file. Previously, dtas-player could only read the splitfx YAML file itself. This requires GNU/Linux and the sleepy_penguin RubyGem installed. dtas-splitfx also learned some switches to allow easier interoperability with other processing tools: -p/--sox-pipe - identical to the sox(1) option -t/--trim - only expose part of the track, useful when combined with the above -p switch See http://dtas.80x24.org/dtas-splitfx.txt for more details. There's also some work-in-progress stuff that's not well documented at the moment. As with anything pre-1.0, expect the possibility of incompatible changes. Since I'm not good at designing protocols, I've also started working on mpd compatibility layer to allow using the normal music playback stuff with more clients (some of the clients I actually like, unlike the seemingly GUI-only landscape of MPRIS :P). Of course, dtas-player itself has most the capabilities of a Unix shell; and those capabilities will certainly not be available to mpd or MPRIS clients. 64 changes since dtas 0.11.0 INSTALL: update documentation for 0.11.0 release splitfx: fix lossy output with player command is in use splitfx: fix non-generic, user-specified targets use monotonic clock on Ruby 2.1+ dtas-splitfx: no arguments for quiet and --no-dither dtas-splitfx: support --trim argument process: implement array expansion to preserve spaces splitfx: show correct command for output splitfx: remove support for encoding opus dtas-console: bind "o" to display time in absolute seconds splitfx: avoid double-truncation with user command source/splitfx: allow watching extra external scripts splitfx: drop unnecessary variable splitfx: documentation for subclasses splitfx: simplify output display dtas-splitfx: comment describing -j (nothing) as infinite dtas-*edit: fix inotify watch invocations splitfx: allow -p/--sox-pipe option splitfx: ensure rate is an integer splitfx: set OUTFMT correctly for subenv if command is set favor recv and recv_nonblock over recvmsg variants parse_time: pass through numeric types parse_freq: trivial new module for parsing frequencies use a common /dev/null player: add "queue cat" command dtas-readahead: new script for -player users on Linux dtas-readahead: avoid polling on pause dtas-cueedit: escape path to temporary file dtas-readahead: make executable gemspec: use SPDX-compatible license README: add link to NNTP and Atom feeds player: cleanup command dispatch dtas-archive: allow specifying SoX compression factor gemspec: duplicate frozen string for older Rubygems allow building the gem without pandoc introduce dtas-mlib for music library functions dtas-mlib: add dump support for debugging tracklist: use lower number unique track IDs tracklist: do not mutate @list when serializing tracklist: avoid needlessly building a hash for track IDs tracklist: shuffle support tracklist: support limiting maximum tracklist size player: refactor and document tracklist interface player: tl (repeat|shuffle|max) and trim swap values tracklist: fixup idempotent "tl shuffle false" switch to exception-free non-blocking I/O add .gitattributes for Ruby method detection mlib: remove non-existent entries mlib: add stats support mlib: no kwargs for 1.9.3 compatibility mlib: add find/search functionality based on mpd mlib: split out the output format from the library mlib: remove kwargs harder player: reduce I/O priority of connected clients mlib: SYSTEM_DEFAULT handlers for SIGINT and SIGPIPE player: support "tl clear" internally test_unixserver: remove test for element limit player: dump state file asynchronously when requested parse_time: enable frozen_string_literal unix_accepted: enable checking for readability after emit tracklist: swap functionality player: show "tracklist" hash with summary info with "current" dtas-tl: learn an "edit" sub command doc: document additions to tracklist handling