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2014-05-26player: style cleanup to favor &:methods
2014-03-13test/helper: compat w/ coverage in Feature #9508
2014-02-24dtas-console: add note to install "curses" gem if missing
2013-12-30dtas 0.7.0 - minor feature and teeny optimizations v0.7.0
2013-12-27player: optimize away some more select calls
2013-12-27merge some select calls for splice users
2013-12-27buffer/read_write: style and minor cleanup
2013-12-27unix_server: remove unnecessary begin block
2013-12-27buffer/splice: favor &:method for blocks
2013-12-06client_handler: style: prefer terser &:method form
2013-12-06buffer/read_write: broadcast_one must be non-blocking
2013-12-01splitfx: support --no-dither/-D option
2013-10-19INSTALL: update for 0.6.0 release
2013-10-19dtas 0.6.0 - player tracklist fixes/improvements v0.6.0
2013-10-17fadefx: initial commit
2013-10-17trimfx: flesh out parsing of commands
2013-10-15trimfx: flesh out to_sox_arg implementation
2013-10-13trimfx: initial bits
2013-10-13use shorter socket constants for sockets
2013-10-12IO#nread compatibility for Rubinius (Linux-only)
2013-10-10dtas-tl: "reto" command does not scan track IDs
2013-10-10player: "tl remove" properly stops current track
2013-10-10tracklist: fix off-by-one when adding track
2013-10-10format: common detection code (based on sox)
2013-10-10tracklist: update position when track is added
2013-10-09dtas-partstats: initial implementation
2013-10-09player: "tl remove" drops the track from the queue
2013-10-09tracklist: remove_track updates tracklist position
2013-10-08player: "tl add" may trigger player start
2013-10-06pipe: use memoized IO#nonblock? in blocking case
2013-10-06buffer: remove ioctl syscall in common paths
2013-10-06player: delay tracklist reset until asked to play
2013-10-06buffer/read_write: fix undefined local variable
2013-10-05player: add factor out redundant condition check
2013-10-02splitfx: default to default DTAS::Format if unspecified
2013-09-30dtas 0.5.0 v0.5.0
2013-09-30player/client_handler: remove unused variables
2013-09-30dtas-console: allow exit via 'q' key
2013-09-30dtas.gemspec: mark executables correctly
2013-09-30player (protocol): rename "tl previous" to "tl prev"
2013-09-30player: support seeking based on embedded cuesheet (FLAC)
2013-09-30player: "tl goto" starts playback if idle (and not paused)
2013-09-28rework packaging to use GNU make + gemspec instead of Hoe
2013-09-28player: support bypass for rate, bits, channel
2013-09-23dtas-*edit: account for editors which rename over files
2013-09-22INSTALL: update URL for 0.4.0 tarballs
2013-09-22Rakefile: add examples to website, too
2013-09-22dtas 0.4.0 - dtas-splitfx, tracklist in -player v0.4.0
2013-09-22README: update for dtas-splitfx and tracklist in -player
2013-09-22splitfx: nodoc the Skip class