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authorEric Wong <e@80x24.org>2015-12-05 02:32:19 +0000
committerEric Wong <e@80x24.org>2015-12-05 02:33:29 +0000
commit7b065706d37df9e54c8b3299ce696545c6159fa4 (patch)
treeb3079286e218fa40d9e0c65ee6de89d110b93d30 /test/test_tracklist.rb
parent2d444cadc7c5dc42d89c02a9d999938c40bdcb9d (diff)
This is easier for users to read and type; and _might_ help with
race conditions due to fast object recycling from GC.  We'll also be
implementing playist versioning on top of this in the next commits
for MPD protocol compatibility.

Unfortunately this adds an additional 40 bytes of per-track overhead
(on 64-bit systems, its only 20 bytes on 32-bit).  However, we may
be able to save memory in the future by supporting dtas-mlib node
IDs if we integrate dtas-player with DTAS::Mlib.

While we're at it, include a minor speedup for
DTAS::Tracklist#remove_track by using Array#delete_at instead of
relying on Array#compact!  after assignment

This should improve "dtas-tl cat" output readability dramatically.

The state file (~/.dtas/player_state.yml) remains compatible
between dtas-player before and after this change.
Diffstat (limited to 'test/test_tracklist.rb')
1 files changed, 25 insertions, 17 deletions
diff --git a/test/test_tracklist.rb b/test/test_tracklist.rb
index e3a8d34..33184c6 100644
--- a/test/test_tracklist.rb
+++ b/test/test_tracklist.rb
@@ -3,10 +3,19 @@
 require_relative 'helper'
 require 'dtas/tracklist'
 class TestTracklist < Testcase
+  def list_to_path(tl)
+    tl.instance_variable_get(:@list).map(&:to_path)
+  end
+  def list_add(tl, ary)
+    ary.reverse_each { |x| tl.add_track(x) }
+  end
   def test_tl_add_tracks
     tl = DTAS::Tracklist.new
-    assert_equal(%w(/foo.flac), tl.instance_variable_get(:@list))
+    assert_equal(%w(/foo.flac), list_to_path(tl))
     oids = tl.tracks
     assert_kind_of Array, oids
@@ -14,26 +23,24 @@ class TestTracklist < Testcase
     assert_equal [ [ oids[0], "/foo.flac" ] ], tl.get_tracks(oids)
-    assert_equal(%w(/bar.flac /foo.flac), tl.instance_variable_get(:@list))
+    assert_equal(%w(/bar.flac /foo.flac), list_to_path(tl))
     tl.add_track("/after.flac", oids[0])
-    assert_equal(%w(/bar.flac /foo.flac /after.flac),
-                 tl.instance_variable_get(:@list))
+    assert_equal(%w(/bar.flac /foo.flac /after.flac), list_to_path(tl))
   def test_add_current
     tl = DTAS::Tracklist.new
-    tl.instance_variable_get(:@list).replace(%w(a b c d e f g))
+    list_add(tl, %w(a b c d e f g))
     tl.add_track('/foo.flac', nil, true)
-    assert_equal '/foo.flac', tl.cur_track
+    assert_equal '/foo.flac', tl.cur_track.to_path
   def test_advance_track
     tl = DTAS::Tracklist.new
-    tl.instance_variable_get(:@list).replace(%w(a b c d e f g))
-    %w(a b c d e f g).each do |t|
-      assert_equal t, tl.advance_track[0]
-    end
+    ary = %w(a b c d e f g)
+    list_add(tl, ary)
+    ary.each { |t| assert_equal t, tl.advance_track[0] }
     assert_nil tl.advance_track
     tl.repeat = true
     assert_equal 'a', tl.advance_track[0]
@@ -46,7 +53,7 @@ class TestTracklist < Testcase
   def test_goto
     tl = DTAS::Tracklist.new
-    tl.instance_variable_get(:@list).replace(%w(a b c d e f g))
+    list_add(tl, %w(a b c d e f g))
     mapping = _build_mapping(tl)
     assert_equal 'f', tl.go_to(mapping['f'])
     assert_equal 'f', tl.advance_track[0]
@@ -56,21 +63,22 @@ class TestTracklist < Testcase
   def test_remove_track
     tl = DTAS::Tracklist.new
-    tl.instance_variable_get(:@list).replace(%w(a b c d e f g))
+    ary = %w(a b c d e f g)
+    list_add(tl, ary)
     mapping = _build_mapping(tl)
-    %w(a b c d e f g).each { |t| assert_kind_of Integer, mapping[t] }
+    ary.each { |t| assert_kind_of Integer, mapping[t] }
-    assert_equal %w(b c d e f g), tl.instance_variable_get(:@list)
+    assert_equal %w(b c d e f g), list_to_path(tl)
-    assert_equal %w(b c e f g), tl.instance_variable_get(:@list)
+    assert_equal %w(b c e f g), list_to_path(tl)
-    assert_equal %w(b c e f), tl.instance_variable_get(:@list)
+    assert_equal %w(b c e f), list_to_path(tl)
     # it'll be a while before OIDs require >128 bits, right?
     tl.remove_track(1 << 128)
-    assert_equal %w(b c e f), tl.instance_variable_get(:@list), "no change"
+    assert_equal %w(b c e f), list_to_path(tl), "no change"