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The Atom feed has existed for a while, but the NNTP server
is brand new (and potentially buggy: drop a plain-text mail
to meta@public-inbox.org if you notice bugs)
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@@ -78,6 +78,9 @@ HTML will not be read.  dtas is for GUI-phobes, by GUI-phobes.\
 Mailing list archives available at <ftp://lists.gnu.org/dtas-all>
 or <http://80x24.org/dtas-all/>
 No subscription is necessary to post to the mailing list.
+You may also read via:
+NNTP: <nntp://news.public-inbox.org/inbox.comp.audio.dtas>
+Atom: <http://80x24.org/dtas-all/new.atom>
 ## Copyright