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+Uncommon for audio software, dtas is implemented in Ruby.
+The latest stable release of Ruby is recommended, currently 2.0.0-p247.
+We are currently NOT compatible with Ruby 1.9.3, but we may support it
+if there is demand.
+SoX is a dependency of dtas.  While not _strictly_ required, the
+dtas-player uses SoX by default and you will need it unless you've
+reconfigured dtas to use something else.
+mp3gain is required if you use ReplayGain with MP3s, and metaflac is
+required for dtas-cueedit (and possibly future scripts).
+Debian users can install sox, mp3gain, and flac dependencies easily:
+  apt-get install sox libsox-fmt-all mp3gain flac
+= installing dtas RubyGem on GNU/Linux (Linux kernel 2.6.32+)
+  Be sure to have Ruby development headers and a working C compiler.
+  This will pull in the io_splice and sleepy_penguin RubyGems for minor
+  speedups.  If you cannot be bothered to have a development
+  environment, just use "gem install dtas"
+  gem install dtas-linux
+= installing dtas RubyGem on non-GNU/Linux or old GNU/Linux systems
+  gem install dtas