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perlpod(1) is already installed by default on Debian and
RedHat-based systems; and probably most modern *nixes; pandoc(1)
(and Haskell) are not.

POD also more standardized than Markdown (which flavor? :P),
especially for generating manpages.  So save any potential
documentation editors some disk space by not forcing them to install
Haskell and pandoc.

Finally, I'm a mildly proficient in Perl and do not know Haskell
at all and have a better chance at reading/hacking the source if
the document generator breaks.
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-% dtas-env(7) dtas user manual
-dtas-env - environment variables used through DTAS
-As dtas uses Bourne shell and exposes it to users, dtas should have
-a cohesive set of common environment variables across its audio
-production and playback environments.  This attempts to document
-them.  Most of these environments are set and managed by dtas
-itself, but users editing commands (e.g. via dtas-sourcedit(1)
-should be aware of them.
-ECAFMT - an snippet of command-line switches for ecasound describing
-audio format parameters (such as word length, channels, sample rate),
-see dtas-player_protocol(7) for more info. (e.g. "-fs32_le,2,44100")
-INFILE - the primary input file for playback or processing.
-(e.g. "/path/to/ex.flac")
-RGFX - the sox effect used for applying ReplayGain compensation.
-Only used during playback in dtas-player.  (e.g. "gain -6.0").
-Removing this prevents ReplayGain from working and may damage
-playback equipment with loudly mastered music.
-SOXFMT - an snippet of command-line switches for sox describing
-audio format parameters (such as word length, channels, sample rate),
-see dtas-player_protocol(7) for more info. (e.g. "-ts32 -c2 -r44100")
-TRIMFX - the sox effect used for seeking during playback with dtas-player
-and track offsets for dtas-splitfx.  (e.g. "trim 36000s")
-Additionally, dtas-splitfx(1) documents more environment variables
-which are not used elsewhere.
-By virtue of running other programs, dtas indirectly uses many
-commonly-accepted environment variables such as EDITOR / VISUAL for
-selecting a text editor, and SOX_OPTS, AUDIODEV, AUDIODRIVER for sox(1)
-and play(1) commands and LADSPA_PATH for anything using LADSPA plugins
-(including sox).  The TMPDIR environment variable controls where
-temporary files are placed for most programs.
-All feedback welcome via plain-text mail to: <dtas-all@nongnu.org>\
-Mailing list archives available at <http://80x24.org/dtas-all/> and
-No subscription is necessary to post to the mailing list.
-Copyright 2015-2016 all contributors <dtas-all@nongnu.org>.\
-License: GPL-3.0+ <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.txt>